Brides are oftentimes afraid of not remembering their wedding day...

the perfect start to your perfect day

Stress is known to cause decreased memories and mindfulness. Give yourself the gift of mental clarity and heart-centered connection when you say the BEST YES of your life. 

Let me help you hit the pause button, breathe deeply, check-in mentally, let go of any expectations, and be fully present with your friends and family!

Mimoga is the first of it's kind wedding day yoga and relaxation service designed to make the morning of your wedding absolutely perfect! 

The morning of a wedding day is unlike any other morning - in the very BEST way possible. A joyful expectation of the life-changing covenant that is about to be made hangs in the air. The day ahead promises perfection. Everything about the preparation begins to feel ceremonious and beautiful. Those who mean the very most have come from near and far to shower you with love, support, and celebration. There are few moments like these in life that should come with a pause button. How could something SO anticipated be fully taken in? 

That is the inspiration behind the first of it's kind wedding day yoga service-
Mimoga Events. 

Once the Mimoga session begins, breath is found, hearts are settled, tensions released, and figurative 'pause buttons' are pressed. The instructor demonstrates and guides participants through each movement clearly and provides options based on each individuals flexibility and fitness level. Safety and relaxation are of the utmost importance. For a few moments, the bride has the opportunity to find calmness in an experience with her bridal party that is truly something they will each remember forever. The gentle stretching, breathing exercises, and basic yoga poses can be a pathway to connecting mind, body, and soul.

Mimoga truly is the perfect start to the perfect day.

Once you share in something as special as a wedding day, it’s impossible to not become friends. When you work with me you get a friend. There is nothing cold or impersonal about the Mimoga Experience because it’s truly an extension of who I am as a person. 

Working with Casey

we're On a first name basis

How It Works


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It's simple to book! All we need to reserve your date is a downpayment. The remainder will be due six weeks before your big day.

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I work with your vendors, planner, and photographer ahead of time to coordinate all parties and make sure the timeline is not interfered with.


All you need to do is show up on your wedding day ready to relax and celebrate!


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The Essential Perfect Start

The Premier Perfect Start

The Perfect Start

Starting at $350


- Pre-session consultation (in person or remote)
- Pre-session site visit 
- Coordination with all wedding vendors affected 
- Instructor travel cost
- Set - up / clean-up of session space 
- Usage of wireless Bluetooth speaker
- Usage of yoga mats for bride and bridal party (space permitting)
- Certified and degreed instructor to conduct the session
- Safety and flexibility modifications for all fitness levels 
- Personalized stretching / relaxation session to fit wedding day           timeline and location
- Glitter infused disposable champagne flutes 
- Complimentary orange juice and Korbel Champagne 
   (substitutions available)

Starting at $500


- Everything outlined in The Perfect Start Package 

-Usage of rose gold cooling lavender eye pillows during final                relaxation
- Personalized Stemless Champagne Flutes 
- Gift wrapped and placed on each yoga mat at the beginning of       the Mimoga session (substitutions available)
- Brunch pick-up
         Includes a variety of fresh fruits, yogurt, granola, cups for                     parfaits, mini bagels, cream cheese, napkins, and plastic                     wear. 

- Everything outlined in The Perfect Start Package 

-Usage of rose gold cooling lavender eye pillows during final relaxation
- Personalized Stemless Champagne Flutes 
- Gift wrapped and placed on each yoga mat at the beginning of the Mimoga session (substitutions available)
- Brunch pick-up
         Includes a variety of fresh fruits, yogurt, granola, cups for parfaits, mini bagels, cream cheese, napkins, and plastic wear. 

Starting at $750


- Everything outlined in The Essential Perfect Start Package 

-Starbucks pick-up 
- Rose Quartz Heart Shaped 1 inch crystals for each participant
- Personalized hand lettered name plates for each participant 
- Usage of yoga props for session to include yoga straps and blocks for each participant
- Professional photography coverage of the Mimoga session, as well as group photos afterwards
- All images will be provided in an online digital album

side effects may include:

glowing complexion, heart centered connection, and increased memories of your wedding day. 

package Add-ons:

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Bridal party gift packages are available and completely customizable. They will be delivered upon instructor's arrival and may include any of the following items.

Gift package options include (but are not limited to) the following:

Cooling Lavender Pillows
Floral Bridesmaid Robes (various colors)
Customized Bridal Party Tanks
Monogrammed Yoga Mats
Monogrammed Oxford Button Down Shirts
Flower Wreath Crown
Baby’s Breath Flower Crowns

All Mimoga services come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! 

- Your wedding day bliss is our first priority -

What They're Saying


Jessica says...

You NEED Mimoga on your wedding day! I could endlessly rave about how much I LOVED having Mimoga be the kick-off of my wedding day! It was exactly what I needed to get into the mindset for the most perfect day! I had quite the crappy couple of weeks leading up to that day and I craved nothing more than a moment to slow down and truly enjoy the moment. I loved it. My bridesmaids loved it. I cannot thank Casey enough- genuinely- from the bottom of my heart. I could cry thinking back to my Mimoga session! I'm so thankful for Casey!! If you are a stressed bride, the investment in Mimoga is priceless come your wedding day!

Mandy says...

Hiring Casey/Mimoga Events to do a yoga session the morning of my wedding for myself and my bridesmaids was one of the best decisions i've ever made! I've struggled with anxiety for years and the months leading up to my wedding were super stressful and I was worried how i'd feel on the big day. My stomach was in knots when I woke up that morning but by the end of our session I was truly totally relaxed, calm, and all the knots and nausea were gone. Casey was A-MA-ZING!!! She’s clearly a pro at what she does and new exactly what to say and do during our session to put me at ease... 

Elena says...

Start your big day with some peace! Casey was such a blessing to my big day! She brought some peace and quietness to my morning of the wedding. She led my bridesmaids and I through some wonderful yoga moves and brought some yummy breakfast and drinks for afterwards. She will truly make you feel so wonderful and pampered on your big day!!!